Grandpa moved to the fertile Yakima valley in 1928 at the age of 14.  He started his farming career picking apples from farm to farm.  But fruit was not the only thing he found in the valley, he also found grandma.  She began a legacy of cooking and canning that continues to this day.  Together they started our story.

The Second Generation

Grapa and Grama continued the legacy of farming and cooking.  They expanded and developed the farm including concord grapes, apples, mint and much more.  Grapa's love of all things frozen, and Grama's love for cooking,  developed the ground work for the concepts that created Frosty Blue.  

The Third Generation

Jeff and Terri have been farming together since 1986.  They started growing blueberries as a way to teach their young kids how to work and run a business.  Since then the blueberries have grown into a much larger part of their farm.  Using the inspiration of their parents, grandparents and a ‍‍LOT of product sampling with their kids, they developed the Sorbatto recipe.  

The Fourths and Beyond!

The Grandkids have been involved with Sorbatto from the beginning. Helping with product testing and creating the amazing recipe.  Since then they have helped with managing, producing, and running Sorbatto inc.  Beyond our family there are so many friends who have tasted, tested and worked to make our product possible!